2013 Challenge: The finished product

20 09 2013

I tried out a couple of arrangements of the four pieces on the black background. I think I like the side-by-side arrangement best, with some black showing through.

When we have the retreat, I’ll try to take some better photos on a solid wall 😉 These ones were taken in my sewing room and I was making do with what I had to display them, so everything is at a bit of an angle and I was using my phone’s camera, not a proper camera.

Meantime, I sent these photos to a quilting friend in Oklahoma, and her first reaction was ‘Citrus Explosion’ — I loved the name so that’s what this series is now called.

Update May 2014: I’ve had this quilt valued, and the certificate of valuation is below. However, the valuation only takes account the materials and techniques used and the quality of both — it takes no account of the time to learn the techniques nor the time taken to make the piece, which can be hundreds of hours.

Update September 2014: This piece featured in Down Under Quilts magazine (Issue 166, 2014), on both the editorial page and p62 in the feature on QuiltWest. Scans on those pages are below the valuation certificate.







_Valuation 2014_Citrus_explosion

Featured in Down Under Quilts magazine (Issue 166, September 2014):



See also:



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20 09 2013

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20 09 2013

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20 09 2013

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21 09 2013

this is amazing Rhonda, fabulous documentation of your process. Good luck with the judging. I’d love to see some of the other responses to the Abstract challenge.

21 09 2013

Gorgeous effect. I imagine Pretty Rock fabrics would do well for this sort of thing.

23 09 2013

They certainly would, Steph. To see Steph’s photos of rocks that are great fabrics go to: http://www.spoonflower.com/profiles/prettyrockdesigns

26 09 2013
Dawn C.

Wow! They are gorgeous! The thought, time, and intensity you put into it shows what a true artist you are, and it came out amazing!

26 05 2014
QuiltWest 2014 | Rhonda Bracey: At Random

[…] won a 3rd prize in the art quilts category for my ‘Citrus Explosion‘ — the prize was a pack of various Moda charm squares [large and small] and 2.5 inch […]

5 10 2014

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