2013 Challenge: The decision

20 09 2013

After tossing around a lot of thoughts in my brain for several months, I finally decided on citrus. I kept coming back to it — it was one of my first thoughts, and it kept popping into my head, so I figured that’s what it had to be. One of the things that attracted me to citrus was that various citrus fruits covered at least three of the five tastes — sweet (oranges, mandarins), sour (limes, lemons, and/or grapefruit) and bitter (limes, lemons, and/or grapefruit).

But what to do? I started manipulating some of the citrus images I had and eventually decided on this one:


I loaded it into www.dumpr.net to get a sketch of it:


But I didn’t think I could do much with that, so I played with the contours in PaintShop Pro and came up with this line drawing, which I coloured to show the various light and dark parts:


That was looking promising. Then I changed the colours:


Mmmmm… more promising… So I changed the colours again:


And I had it!

I could use the two-fabric ‘reverse applique’ technique I learned when I was making the ‘Herd of Turtles‘ quilts a month or so ago, and with some bright batik fabrics, I could get quite a bit of ‘texture’ happening. Eureka!

See also:



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20 09 2013

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