Marking time in the sun

8 07 2013

It was a GORGEOUS winter’s day last Sunday. Light breeze, sunny, clear skies, cool temperatures (enough for a sweater, even sitting in the sun). The light was fantastic. It was time to get some Vitamin D 😉

I set up my fold-up table (the one I use for basting) outside under the Bali Hut, with my chair facing so that the sun landed on my back. And took myself and some projects out there to work on. I had some things to do on fabric with my Copic markers (secret squirrel stuff until late September!), and wanted to play with the markers on paper, doing some blending and shading techniques. I’d printed off some outline designs from the internet, as you do…

I had fun!


My Copic marker collection. There are more than 380 colours in a complete set..



For this one, I remembered to write down the colours I used – 7 greens, and 2 greys for the shadows




My view from the table






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