16 04 2013

I had to have my car serviced last Friday. I’d requested a loan car as I needed to go shopping in town and here’s what I got for the day — a brand new (only a few thousand km on the odometer) Mercedes A-Class in bright flaming red!


Cool car! Loved the reversing camera, the simplicity of the gear changes, and the simplicity of the parking brake mechanism. After having used them for a few hours, you wonder why no-one has simplified these things before!


Another big score of the day was these threads. I went into Spotlight to get something (I can’t even remember what, now), and spotted a bin of ’embroidery’ threads going out for $3 each. Normally I wouldn’t even look at the threads Spotlight has on sale as they are usually cheapies, not name-brand good threads that I use. But this time the bin was full of all Wonderfil threads! I bought every Mirage (30 wt), Inivisifil (100 wt), Silco, and Fruiti (Egyptian cotton) thread in the bin. I left the Razzle and 12 wt threads as I do very little bobbin work. Each spool of thread was $7 or more retail, reduced to $3. Total number of thread spools purchased: 55. At $3 a spool, that haul cost me $165. Had I bought them all at full price, they would have cost $385. And yes, they all fitted on my spool holder and in one of my spool trays.

The final score of the day actually occurred the afternoon before. The last block of land we owned in Bridgetown Gardens was finally settled (after the contracts were signed in mid-January and after settlement was meant to occur in mid-March). I immediately paid down some debt, and left enough for any capital gains tax we may incur, and left a tad over for play money 😉



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