The swans are back

13 08 2012

There are always black swans on our estuary, but at certain times of the year there are THOUSANDS of them. When I drove into town today, there was a big mass of them in a few places (the estuary is about 10 miles long).

Maybe it’s their mating season?

(Update: According to Wikipedia, they nest in the winter months, so I guess they are mating and nesting now:

Community Quilt 11

13 08 2012

This one was fun! I call it ‘bug jar’. Each jar has a fabric with some sort of bug on it — mosquitoes, spiders, butterflies, flies, even turtles! (yeah, I know, not a bug…), so I suspect this quilt was made for a kid.

I quilted hundreds of spider webs all over the quilt in keeping with the theme, and, to add a surprise, I used some Superior NiteLite thread to stitch two BIG spider webs over the top of all the others — at night with the lights off, these webs should glow in the dark! 😉

Thread used:

  • Top: Isacord 40 wt, colour ‘Coral’ 1532
  • Bobbin: Deco-Bob 80wt, grey, colour DB 103.

Community Quilt 10

13 08 2012

It rained a lot of the weekend, so guess what I did? 😉

This was a very ‘busy’ quilt top. I suspect it was made up of lots of independent, spare blocks that the maker decided to put together. As it was so busy, I decided to just use a large meandering stipple in a soft silver grey (Fil-Tec Glide thread), with a beige Deco-Bob thread in the bobbin.

I left the house and cat blocks and then outline quilted them to make them ‘pop’.