Community Quilt 11

13 08 2012

This one was fun! I call it ‘bug jar’. Each jar has a fabric with some sort of bug on it — mosquitoes, spiders, butterflies, flies, even turtles! (yeah, I know, not a bug…), so I suspect this quilt was made for a kid.

I quilted hundreds of spider webs all over the quilt in keeping with the theme, and, to add a surprise, I used some Superior NiteLite thread to stitch two BIG spider webs over the top of all the others — at night with the lights off, these webs should glow in the dark! 😉

Thread used:

  • Top: Isacord 40 wt, colour ‘Coral’ 1532
  • Bobbin: Deco-Bob 80wt, grey, colour DB 103.



4 responses

14 08 2012

Wow! That assortment to some real searching! I can think of some children who would love it!!!

19 08 2012
Community Quilt 12 « At Random

[…] think this quilt top was made by the same person who made ‘bug jar‘ — but this time the jars were filled with goodies, mostly sweet goodies like […]

21 08 2012

GREAT idea to use glow in the dark thread, can’t wait to test it out!! love it, Lisa

1 10 2013
Dawn C.

Cute idea about the bugs & or candy in the jars. Glow in the dark spider webs? – what -? Those poor terrified Kids. haha

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