Bali hut temporarily secured

26 06 2012

The insurance assessor/builder came out today to assess the damage from the storm two weeks ago. I was particularly concerned about the instability of the Bali hut, especially as the forecast for today was for another front of 125 km/h winds (later revised down to gale force…). He was equally concerned about its safety — he said it could be saved as long as it didn’t fall over and got straight on to his carpenter guys to come out and stabilise it. While we were standing near it and the wind was whipping around, that entire structure moved in about a 20 degree arc — 10 degrees one way and 10 degrees in the opposite direction. Scary stuff!

A structural engineer still has to come out and assess its condition and report back to the insurance company etc., but at least the guys got the stakes and support beams in this afternoon before the worst of the weather hit. It’s not pretty, but at least it’s a lot safer than it was. And it’s much less likely to do any further damage as a result of falling over. The builder reckons it should be able to be saved, but we have to wait for the structural engineer to give his assessment.

Bali hut temporarily secured

Bali hut temporarily secured




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26 06 2012
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[…] Bali hut temporarily secured […]

26 06 2012

Be sad to get that go – Hope it survives and you can get it sorted…

26 06 2012

You have certainly had a time of it! Hope you can secure/stabilize the hut soon! Hugs, D

5 09 2012
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24 09 2012
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[…] assessors, structural engineers, etc. and after being refused our insurance claim for fixing the Bali hut that was damaged in the June storms (no, I’m NOT happy with CGU insurance as this was a Shire-approved structure yet the […]

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