Mmmmm…. threads. And fabric.

31 03 2012

When I was in the US, I took advantage of our almost on-par dollar and the amazing prices on fabrics and thread that the US has. For example, their batiks are around $9 to $11 a yard, whereas the same batiks in Australia cost between $20 and $28 a metre (close enough to a yard). And then there are the thread prices — again, much cheaper than in Australia, and some types of thread are very hard to get from retail stores in Australia (e.g. Isocord). Of course, when the fabric and threads are on special, that’s an even better deal!

The Quilt Haus in New Braunfels offered all workshop participants 10% off, no matter what we purchased. And at Klassy Katz in Barlow, just north of Memphis, the owner was getting rid of her 500 m Superior Rainbows threads for around $5 each — yes, I took them all! These threads are around $15 a spool in Australia. And I found out that she gave 20% off whatever was remaining to customers who purchased the last yardage on a bolt.

So after I’d off-loaded the Tim Tams, Sue’s quilt and other goodies I’d brought with me, I had room in my luggage for fabric and thread. In fact, I was only 3 kg more in my baggage weight coming home than I was going over, so in hindsight I could’ve bought more šŸ˜‰

Here are some of the fabrics and threads I bought (I discovered more threads after I’d taken these pictures!), and yes, a purple quilt is in my head!:



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1 04 2012

Wow! You kinda sorta scored while here, didn’t you? Funny to see you’ve switched from hitting the outlet stores to hitting the fabric stores these days!

BTW, those batiks are really lovely. They will lend themselves well to quilting, won’t they?

1 04 2012

Well, I’m right for undies! šŸ˜‰ (which, as you know, is the main thing I buy at the outlet malls; the last two visits I bought so many, that I won’t need to buy more for a few years!) And for the past 5 years I’ve worked from home, so buying good clothes and shoes for work isn’t necessary any more. Thus no outlet malls this time.

And yes, batiks are lovely to sew on. They don’t fray either. I love the texture you get in batik patterns, and, if I’m lucky, I’ll see some being made in Bali when I go there later this year, and hopefully will bring some home with me.


1 04 2012

OK I’m jealous. Bali? BALI???? Seriously??? Color me major green!

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