Peabody Hotel tour, Graceland, etc.

15 03 2012

On Tuesday, my friend Char and I played ‘hooky’ from the Conference 😉 Along with Sue, we first watched the 11am marching in of the ducks, then we had the most AMAZING tour of The Peabody Hotel by Doug, the Duckmaster.

After lunch, Char and I drove to Graceland — I’d been before, but many years ago, and Char had never been. As before, it was amazing and awe-inspiring.

I took lots of photos of both events but unfortunately, I had a software crash on my computer before I could save them 😦 Not happy….

At 5 pm, Shannon, the wife of the conference organiser, was the honorary Duckmaster (she even got to keep the cane!!). I was waiting on the rooftop near the elevator, when I spotted Jack White (of the White Stripes). We had a brief chat and I had my photo taken with him (by his tour manager), but another STUPID error on my part saw me delete that photo when I was trying to show it to one of the guys at the conference!!!! The only photo I ended up getting was a shot of him posing for his photographer (he was doing a photo shoot for a magazine). I am SO angry with myself for not saving the 120 photos from the hotel tour and the Graceland trip, and for deleting the only photo I had of me an Jack White.

Anyhow, here are the remaining photos from Graceland, and of Shannon’s time as honorary Duckmaster. BTW, those ducks were almost flying out of the elevator when they got to the rooftop!

The last photos were taken in Main St, Memphis, and at the Local Gastropub there (Nicki’s crab stuffed avocado and devilled eggs).




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