Knock, knock…

1 08 2010

Who’s there? Magpies, that’s who!

So there I was, sitting at the  breakfast table reading Saturday’s paper at leisure in the quiet of a gorgeous winter’s morning. Sun shining. Birds singing. Husband still asleep.

I hear a knock on glass. I look behind me and to the side of me (I’m surrounded by two large sliding glass doors). No-one there. I get up, go to the hallway and check the front door — no-one there either. I go to the back/laundry door. Nope. No-one there either. But I can still hear knocking. Now that I’m in the passage near the laundry I can tell it’s close. So I walk into my sewing room and lo and behold I find three magpies  pecking away at the window! Cheeky things.

I think they could see their reflections, and were perhaps attacking them. The sewing room window faces north and at this time of the year it’s getting quite a bit of direct sun. There’s sunblock tinting on the window, so giving it a mirror-like finish on the outside. At first I thought they were going for insects, but the tapping of their beaks on the window — not in the nooks and crannies where insects like to hide — makes me think they were reacting to their reflections.

This morning (Sunday), they were back again at the same window!



One response

13 08 2010

Since the cheeky devils keep showing up at your door, you might want to look into their symbolic meanings. You can start with:

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