It’s nearly spring

27 08 2010

It’s almost spring (spring officially starts on 1 September in Australia) and the paddocks are still green and the skies are clear. The animals I see on my drive into town are everywhere — this morning there were hundreds of black swans on the estuary; the paddocks were populated with lots of horses, cows, sheep, even a camel; there were wild ducks, pink and grey galahs, white egrets, pelicans, ring-necked parrots, willy wagtails, magpies,etc. either on or close to the estuary. And kangaroos — lots of kangaroos (they were too far back to take photos of, but I’ll try another time when they are much closer to the road).

I took my camera with me this morning when I drove into town, and was able to get some shots of the swans and some of the other animals, as well as the peaceful drive I take every few days when I ‘pop into town’.

Click on a thumbnail picture to see it in full size.