Brief interlude

2 08 2010

Monday’s are normally my day off. I usually catch up on accounts, make  appointments for that day, do shopping, write blog posts, etc. Well, today was like many other Mondays — I had a chiropractor’s appointment, did some shopping, called in to a solar energy place in town to ask about photovoltaic systems, came home, paid bills etc. Then, as it was such a GORGEOUS winter’s day (with a Spring feel to it), my husband suggested we go for a drive. Anywhere. Just out of the house for a few hours.

My brain was numb and I couldn’t think where to go for a while. Then I suggested we drive inland to Harvey, a small town close to where I grew up, then loop around back to where we live. Off we went. When we got to Harvey, we decided to cross the main highway and head up to Harvey Dam. I hadn’t been there in decades and my last memory of Harvey Dam was the time it cracked and was threatening the town of Harvey in the 1964 (?) floods.

They rebuilt the dam in 2002 (I didn’t know that), and what a pretty spot it is! We walked across the top of the dam wall and I took some pictures of the scenery, the picnic area below, the spillway, and some gorgeous large purple flowers near the picnic area.

Our little jaunt this afternoon was a pleasant break from the computer! I can see us returning for a picnic, BooBoo! 😉