Quilting is a $3.5b industry in the US!

28 07 2010

Wow! Take a look at the market statistics from the Quilting in America 2010 survey: http://www.quilts.com/announcements/y2010/QIA2010_OneSheet.pdf

Some things that surprised me:

  • Quilting is a $3.5 billion industry in the US alone
  • 14% of households have a quilter in the family!
  • Each quilter spends more than $200 per year on quilting supplies; dedicated quilters spend much more, making up $2.5b of that $3.5b total spend!

The stats on dedicated quilters were scary:

  • Average $8500 worth of quilting supplies
  • Average $3677 worth of fabric in their stash!
  • Average 151 spools of thread (without counting, I’d guess I have more than 60…)
  • Average 2.7 sewing machines each (I have one sewing machine and one overlocker, so I guess that counts as 2)

Oh, and the dedicated quilters have money, time (average age 62), and an internet connection that they aren’t afraid to use. Watch out! 😉

Who said this is just a hobby?

Survey summary: http://www.quilts.com/announcements/y2010/QIA2010_OneSheet.pdf



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