A nice Mastercard-style invoice

14 04 2009

A good friend of ours, Dave Gash, is a JavaScript guru amongst other things. Dave’s tried to teach me JavaScript and while I can understand what a function is trying to do, I can’t write the stuff!  Anyhow, when I was in southern California prior to the conference we both spoke at in Seattle, I asked Dave if he could make a thingy (technical term!) for my website that showed snippets of some of the testimonials and recommendations I’ve received from clients, conference attendees, etc. He said “Sure!” and a few days after the conference was over he had emailed me a prototype. With a little tweaking on my end to make it the right size, use the right font etc. it works a treat!

So I ask Dave for an invoice, and this is what he sends me:

Scouring DynamicDrive.com looking for code to steal modify: $0
Approving nods at original author’s ingenuity: $0
Frowny faces at original author’s sloppy-arse code: $0
Reformatting code so I could frigging read it: $0
Ripping out and throwing away about 90% of it: $0
Merrily tinkering with it until it did what I want: $0
Adding ‘random’ feature original author didn’t think of: $0
Smug self-assurance that my version is way better: $0
Doing something nice for one of my best mates: $0
Total cost: One (1) outstanding lunch at Tip Top Meats [German restaurant in Carlsbad, CA]

…and would you look at that, you’ve already paid in advance! 🙂

Thanks Dave! I owe you one.

If you’re looking for someone who can get very techy with web stuff, Dave’s available for hire for long or short projects or even little bits like he created for me. His background is computer programming, but don’t hold that against him! He can work anywhere in the world via the internet (I’m in Western Australia and he’s near San Diego). You can contact Dave via his website: http://www.hypertrain.com or email him at dgash@hypertrain.com.



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