My Etsy store is now live!

11 04 2009

After some months of making products, taking lots of dud photos, writing descriptions, defining shop policies, etc. I have FINALLY opened my Etsy store! Woohoo!

It’s called “Rhonda Made It” and it’s here:

I’m selling some of the little fabric pieces I’ve been making that I’ve featured on this blog, such as sets of coasters, landscape fabric art cards, bookmarks, etc. And there are some that haven’t appeared on this blog too — I wanted to keep some as a surprise! Go take a look!

I think I’ve mentioned before that there’s little to no money to be made in handmade crafts because you pretty much can’t charge for labour. My store is a case in point — some of the pieces took 5 or more hours to create, in which case they would be well over $100 even at a low $20 an hour for labour. The Japanese Meshwork, for example, took more than 8 hours to create plus there was a workshop fee of $45. I’m selling it for only $60, which *might* cover the costs of the workshop and the materials, but only just.

Anyhow, my store is now up. I’ll report back every so often as to the views it’s getting, and how the sales are tracking — or not.

rhondamadeit_banner_smaller(BTW, I have lots of timeout issues with Etsy on Firefox, but not on Internet Explorer, so if you can’t access the store easily, try it in IE — even if you’d rather not touch IE!)



2 responses

11 04 2009
sharon burton

Hooray! Now the world can buy your pretty work.

12 04 2009

Well done! You are so organised. I wish you lots of sales and a bit of fun along the way. It all looks well put together and your photographs are nice and clear. Go Rhonda!

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