Thelma and Louise

8 02 2008

I’m in the last stages of organising my trip to the US, and had firmed up some dates when I’d be driving from LA to Portland. Anyhow, I’d only JUST sent out a couple of emails to friends/family along the way when my good friend in Boston IMs me and asks when I’ll be in/near San Francisco.

Reason: She’s running a training course there from 10-13 March, and wondered if I wanted some driving company from SF to Portland! How cool is that!

As it happens I intended lobbing into SF on or around the 11th or 12th and leaving on the 13th. So we’ve got it all sorted—I’ll share her room in SF for one, maybe two, nights, we’ll go to the Berkeley STC Chapter meeting on the evening of the 12th, then hit the road after she finishes training on the 13th. We should have enough time to drive up the coast (and avoid I-5), arriving in Portland on the 15th.

How good a fit is that? Thelma and Louise—watch out!



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