Evolution of a quilt: 9

2 02 2008

After spending some hours cleaning my Mum’s old sewing machine, testing stitches, thread tensions, making samples, etc., I FINALLY got back to working on the quilt today. I took my friend Bobbie’s advice (and superior quilting knowledge!) and outlined the dragonfly body in black bias tape. And decided to cover the silver separator for the head/eyes and make that black too. There are no rules, so it doesn’t matter!

Oh, and I’ve also uploaded ALL the quilt pictures (to date) to a separate album on Webshots.

To get some idea of the size of this quilt, my husband is holding it and he’s 6’3″…

Dragonfly with black bias tape

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3 responses

2 02 2008
Char James-Tanny

The quilt looks awesome! Nice job 🙂

2 02 2008

Simply stunning! You clever sausage (full of unexpected things).

3 02 2008

Thanks to you both for your kind comments. It’s not finished yet – more leaves to add, vine tendrils (may be done at the quilting stage), and then of course the batting, backing and the quilting. But it’s starting to look complete.

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