You believe me now?

31 01 2008

Not long after we moved into our house almost 12 months ago, I walked from the bedroom across the passage to the bathroom—and saw a tiny scorpion! In the house. Near the bedroom. Freaked me out.

It was really quite small, so my first reaction (after the shock and horror) was to pick it up in a paper towel and dispose of it. I told my husband when he woke up—and told some other people over the next few months—but he and the rest of them didn’t believe me. They thought I must’ve seen an earwig or something like that. I know what an earwig looks like, and yes, we have quite a few of them here. But this was a scorpion. No-one believed me, so eventually I shut up about it. But I knew what I saw!

Well, tonight after watching some TV, my husband went to the fridge and told me there was a scorpion!! On the floor of the kitchen. This time I wanted proof so that all those nay-sayers would now believe me. Here are the photos. The vinyl tile shapes are 9 inch (22.5 cm) square, so you can see how small this thing is.

Maybe it’s an inch long. But hell, it’s a SCORPION not some damned earwig!!! And now I have the pictures to prove it. I don’t know how well I’ll sleep tonight…

Scorpion near the fridge

Scorpion on the kitchen floor




3 responses

1 02 2008

I had the same thing years ago, but never managed to get photographic proof. I was at my grandparent’s property at Dirranbandi, and putting shoes on. Before I put one on, I shook it out (it was sitting outside overnight or something, can’t wear dirty shoes inside) … and there was a wee little scorpion! I squashed ‘im, lots of little cousins around that holidays, but no-one would believe me. I was even told that scorpions don’t exist in Aus.
So I am glad you are finally able to be vindicated!

1 02 2008

I never doubted you for a second. We had scorpions in Midvale, plus amazing tiny preying mantises and huge stick insects.

4 02 2008

I like how world-centric we can be. If I have never seen a scorpion, then there is no possibility that you could have. I am sane, you are not. Burn at the stake =D

I’ve heard of little scorpions like this being around the Darling Range, and seen one myself near one of the dams east of Perth. The camp group I was with tried to set up a battle between large soldier ant and tiny scorpion.

As for believing you and the evidence, that could be one of the best photoshopped series of images I’ve ever seen! 😉

Reminds me of Michael Crichton’s Rising Sun, story set in the 90’s at a time when digital consumer media was not the norm, and audio/visual “evidence” could more readily be taken on face value.

As for sleep, just think of all the nasty earwigs in your bed that the scorpion has been devouring for you in your absence =D =D =D

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