Falling coffee

14 08 2007

Have you seen those ads or heard those stories where someone puts something on the roof of their car while they are packing it, then drives off with the thing still on the roof?

Well, I saw one in real life yesterday! I was waiting to walk across the main T-junction in town when a car turned the corner. The female driver was oblivious to the steaming take-away cup of coffee she had on the roof… which naturally tipped over and off the car into the road. Funny. But messy.

I wonder when—or if—she remembered getting the coffee and not drinking it.

Get rich slowly…

14 08 2007

Two months ago, I set up an Amazon Store with technical writing books I recommend. Since then I’ve added other personal recommendations of books, DVDs, produce, appliances, etc. to the store. It was never meant to be a ‘get rich quick’ scheme… in fact, I just wanted it to be a reference source for other technical writers out there. If I made a few dollars in the process, that would be a bonus.

Well, the “bonus” after 2 months is $10.01 from seven sales. Amazon don’t send me a cheque (they don’t do PayPal…) until my ‘referral fees’ reach $100. So I could be waiting a *long* time.