Bank update – good news

11 08 2007

I’ve been banking with Westpac most of my life, and all our loans have been through Westpac. After some incidents with loan restructuring ‘stuff ups’ in the past few years (the most recent was documented here), we were seriously considering shifting all our banking business to another bank and never using Westpac again.

However, since we moved to Bridgetown in February this year, we’ve had excellent service from the team at the local Westpac branch. One of the things that has contributed to this excellent service is the personal nature of the banking experience here. We are greeted warmly – and by name – whenever we go in to the bank, and nothing is too much trouble. Queries are answered, and issues are checked out and explained.

All “i’s” are dotted and “t’s” crossed in any paperwork we’ve had done. Nothing has been omitted. And the team behind the counter has made banking a pleasure now, instead of the painful and inhuman experience we encountered in the Perth branches and with the Mortgage Processing Centre in Adelaide.

The most telling difference between our previous experiences and the experience in our small country town is that the staff at the local branch take responsibility for making sure that whatever has to be done is done – and if it’s not done, they chase it up.

Such a novel approach; such great customer service.

Social Bookmarking in Plain English

11 08 2007

Another excellent video from the people at CommonCraft – this time on using and similar social bookmarking sites.