31 03 2007

Footy starts today! (well, it started last night but today’s the day I start watching again)

But now I’m divided between two clubs… My nephew has left the Freo Dockers and is now playing for a Melbourne-based team (ptooi!) – the one that people either love or hate… there are no shades of grey with this team! (locals will get that reference)

So today I’ll watch two games – the one my nephew’s playing in (and that the family have flown over to Melbourne to watch), and the Freo Dockers. I’m no longer a member of the Dockers – moving down south, my nephew being traded to another club, and with the other nieces and nephews not renewing or going to the games as a result, it wasn’t worth it.

At least all the games are on TV – either free-to-air or Foxtel – so there’s no excuse for missing them. However, the temptation today is strong. It’s an absolutely BEAUTIFUL autumn day and it’s expected to be quite warm so the pull of the outdoors is pretty strong. But this is a BIG day for my nephew – it’s his first game with his new club and it’s his 100th AFL game and it’s the first game of the season. So I’ll watch it live.

Update: The Melbourne game isn’t shown until 8:00pm tonight, even though it started at noon. Darn. Meantime, the Dockers game is live on both free-to-air and Foxtel, so I’ll watch that. The weather  has turned so I’m not so fussed about being inside now.



One response

1 04 2007

Melbourne… Ptooi? Oi! 😛

Also, I would have to place myself in the “not a fan” column of the shades of grey team, especially being a Blues fan.

Can I hazard a guess that PM is your nephew?

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