Getting the message across

26 03 2007

Some people just have a knack of getting a not very nice message across in a very polite – even humorous – way. I was reminded of that when I received this email to all staff in a company from one of the long time staff members (I have permission to quote this, but I’ve removed any identifying information):

Hello fellow kitchen users

Over the last 2 years I have been taking the tea towels home every week to wash them (thanks go out to <name> who was doing the upstairs tea towels while <department> was in the downstairs office). Don’t get me wrong, this has been an enjoyable experience for me, but I feel like there is a limit to the amount of fun a person should allow themselves, so I have decided to step down as the Tea Towel Maintenance Officer. If anyone would like to take on the title, feel free, otherwise please don’t complain about there being no clean tea towels. By the way there is a stack of clean ones in the far right cupboard where the sink is – once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Foggy morning

26 03 2007

I wondered why I couldn’t see the stars this morning when I went out to get the paper. As daylight emerged, it was obvious – fog! We’re close to the top of a very large hill and it was foggy up here – I’d imagine that in the valley where the main street of town is, it was very foggy indeed.

The picture below is of part of the backyard, with some of the fruit trees, the old aviary on the left which is now my garden shed (note the shadecloth I put up over the weekend to deal with any excessive weather!), and the massive eucalyptus trees on the property behind ours. There’s a firebreak/track between us and those trees too, though you wouldn’t think it from this photo!

Fog through the eucalypts