Updates on the move… Day 2

22 02 2007

The boxes are a nightmare… Sometime in the morning we decided we’d better go into town to collect the accumulated mail from the PO box, pick up some basic groceries and meat and bread. What we expected to take about 30 minutes took well over 2 hours… and we hardly know anybody yet!

Why did it take so long?

Well, we’d just walked out of the Post Office when we ran into the Property Manager (she’s been an absolute gem in organising all the trades to do work on the house in the 3 weeks it was vacant). So we were chatting to her and inviting her and her husband to dinner on Friday night as a small token of appreciation, when the handyman who’d done work on the house walked by on his way into the post office. My husband knew him, as did the Property Manager, so I met him too, and we chatted about other work we’d like him to do.

Then it was off to the local supermarket. As we walked in, my husband said “hi” to at least two of the servers who he’d met when he was here painting the house. And the server we had after we’d got our groceries used to be a tenant in the house a year or so ago! So we chatted to her too (we’d met her one time when we came down to do an inspection).

Then we introduced ourselves to the butcher, Greg, who was happy to chat. Then off to the bank where we met Gina and Lauren, who were also happy to chat and welcome us to the town. Next was the bakery where the person behind the counter wasn’t nearly so chatty!

Last stop was the Mitre 10 store (hardware) where there were more people to meet. So it was 2 hours before we got back to “Box City”! My parents had told us of this country town phenomenon, but we thought it would be some months – years, even – before we experienced it. Nope. Day 2. And it would’ve been Day 1 had we emerged from the house and all the boxes!

So far, absolutely everyone has been friendly and welcoming. Unbelieveable – and so refreshing after living in Perth. We haven’t met our immediate neighours yet, but then we only knew the people either side of us in Perth… and we lived in that house for 16 years!



One response

23 02 2007

LOL! Welcome to country living. When Mark and I first moved from the city to the country we were fortunate enough to maintain quick trips with minimal chat for a while as we both travelled back to the city for work.
However the minute I started working in local government in the town we lived in it all changed.
It was fun chatting to everyone, but you never stood a chance of anything being a “quick” trip. 😉

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