Updates on the move… Day 1

22 02 2007

On Monday, I woke around 3am and didn’t get back to sleep – the mind was going like a train! We got up at 5am as the removalists said they’d be there sometime between 6 and 7am, and there’s all that last minute stuff to pack – bed linen, clock radio, etc. Anyhow, we were done by 7am; the guys turned up at 7:15am. It took three of them four hours to pack the truck! And even then some things just couldn’t fit so they were relegated to the skip bin. Our cars were choc-a-block full, and the computers were going separately with the PC Guru guys, so even more would’ve been tossed had we not already packed up stuff for us and others to take.

After the four hour trip south, the removalists got to Bridgetown and the first stop was the storage unit to drop off some of the stuff. Bridgetown is REALLY hilly so I had to give them an alternative route to our interim house as the usual route is just up and up and up the biggest hill in Bridgetown! Even with the stuff for storage removed, it would’ve been a struggle for the removal van…

Some ?? hours later, all was unloaded and dumped in the rooms where it was sort of to go. We didn’t realise they pack furniture first, then boxes, which means that boxes come off first and get dumped in rooms, then the furniture has nowhere to go! A bloody nightmare of boxes and furniture! We’re calling it “Box City”.

The guys got back on the road for the 3.5 hour trip back to Perth some 12 hours after they’d arrived at our place this morning, and we started the arduous task of unpacking the boxes… We got a few essentials done then had dinner around 10pm and crashed – for the best night’s sleep either of us has had in weeks! No more worrying about how (or if!) everything will fit. Add to that the bright stars (yes, we can see a plethora of stars from our bedroom window!), and the silence, and we slept like logs.



One response

23 02 2007

You truly have my sympathy. Having been through this recently I understand totally.

Might be time to crack into the wine supplies…

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