Updates on the move… Day 3

22 02 2007

Computer day today… and unpacking boxes, of course!

I’d got everything sorted as far as possible yesterday (Day 2) for the arrival of the computers (server + 2 desktop machine). Chris from PC Guru arrived at 11am with my babies, and spent the next 5 hours getting the network set up, getting the internet connection working, testing emails, faxes, scans, wireless connection, etc. and doing some small fixes too. Then he had the long drive back to Perth – so it was a very long day for him. But it was SO worth it for me. I probably could’ve set up the network myself, but it would’ve taken me much longer, and had something gone wrong I wouldn’t necessarily have known where/how to fix it. It’s critical for me to be up and running and working remotely on Monday, so it was worth the expense in getting someone else to do it.

More unpacking of boxes… and somewhere in there we had the call that told us Settlement had gone through, so we’ve officially sold the South Perth house we’ve called home for the past 16 years!!!

We cracked open a vintage Voyager Estate wine early in the evening and served it in the Riedel O-Tumblers to celebrate. Then instead of me cooking, we got pizza from the local pizza shop.

A good day all round.



One response

23 02 2007

Pizza, wine and Riedel O-Tumblers, there’s no better way to celebrate a successful settlement.

Sounds like a standard settlement meal for us discerning Aussie’s, we did the same, although sans Riedel.

Congratulations again to you both! 🙂

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