Telling it like it is

10 01 2007

Wow! I just finished reading one of the recent Change This manifestos – and boy, did it resonate with me. It’s the one called “You are being lied to” by Larry Winget and is available as a PDF for downloading or reading on screen here:

One thing he said that resonated was about these so-called experts who write best-selling books on management etc., and how all they are really good at is writing such books – not about whatever it is they’re writing about. Call me cynical, but that’s something I’ve thought for a long time. A bit like the “pay me $50 and I’ll teach you the secrets of my success with betting on horses” or “here’s how to win millions in the lottery – all for a limited time, special offer price of just $199!!! Call now!” Yeah right. I can tell you that if *I* had the secret to winning on the horses or the lottery I’d be keeping it myself, not flogging it off to all comers for some relative pittance. If you’ve made millions on the lottery, then what the hell are you selling the ‘secret’ for $199 for???

(Be aware that the PDFs of all Change This manifestos take up the whole browser window – pressing ESC will force the PDF back into a browser window with controls.)