Comfort Food 5: Strawberry Smoothie

2 10 2006

Hmmm… guess you can tell that strawberries are just coming in to season here! Here’s my recipe for a strawberry smoothie (or strawberry milkshake, if you prefer to call it that).

All ingredients are approximate – adjust portions to suit your taste.

Into a blender, add the following:

  • 20+ washed and hulled strawberries
  • About a cup of Greek-style creamy yoghurt
  • About 2 cups of milk
  • About a tablespoon of honey
  • About 2 teaspoons of powdered malt (optional)

Before the blitz!

Blend together for a minute, or until you get a nice frothy mix. Pour into glasses and sprinkle with a dash of nutmeg (optional).

After the blitz 1

After the blitz 2

I use this same recipe for pretty much any fruit smoothie – banana, apricot, peach, etc. Just change the fruit according to the season.

Comfort Food 4: New York Strawberries

2 10 2006

I have no idea if this is what they’re called, but that’s the name that our friends on Vancouver Island used when I first tried these delicious strawberries there a few years ago.¬† They are SO simple to make and SO delicious, and are a delightfully decadent dessert!

What you need:

  • Fresh whole strawberries (leave the hull/leaves on – you’ll need this to pick up the strawberry)
  • Dark brown sugar (the type that’s quite moist)
  • Either: creamy Greek-style yoghurt (my preference), sour cream, or real, thick cream

What you do:

  1. Put some brown sugar and yoghurt into separate small bowls and give a bowl to each guest, along with a bowl or plate of whole strawberries.
  2. Pick up a strawberry by its stalk/leaves, dip it into the yoghurt, then dip it into the sugar.
  3. Tip into your mouth and ENJOY the taste of the sweet and tart and fruit all mixed  in together!
  4. Repeat as often as you want!

Comfort Food 3: Blueberry Muffins

2 10 2006

I’ve written about blueberry muffins before, and the Canadian recipe I use to make mine. I’m back in the groove again, and made some more earlier this week. They’re nearly all gone now (my husband *loves* them), so another batch will get made later today.

Here are the ones I made earlier this week – this time with frozen blueberries, which means the mix isn’t as purple as the ones made from canned blueberries:

Blueberry muffins made with frozen blueberries

Season-ending victory for the Eagles

2 10 2006

Footy’s over for another year.

On Saturday, in front of a crowd of almost 100,000 people, the West Coast Eagles defeated Sydney by 1 point! What a game! Even though I’m not an Eagles fan, it was great to see one of the two local (West Australian) teams win – especially as they lost to the Sydney Swans by only 4 points in last year’s Grand Final. Maybe Freo will get their turn next year…
Side note: It seems that the last time a Grand Final was decided by one point was 1966 – 40 years ago. So it was a thriller!