Comfort Food 3: Blueberry Muffins

2 10 2006

I’ve written about blueberry muffins before, and the Canadian recipe I use to make mine. I’m back in the groove again, and made some more earlier this week. They’re nearly all gone now (my husband *loves* them), so another batch will get made later today.

Here are the ones I made earlier this week – this time with frozen blueberries, which means the mix isn’t as purple as the ones made from canned blueberries:

Blueberry muffins made with frozen blueberries



2 responses

12 10 2006
Suzy Q

I’m happy to report that these work just as well with blackberries. This recipe is absolutely foolproof.

12 10 2006

Cool! That means mulberries should work too…

I *love* mulberries, but unless you know someone with a tree, they are just *so* hard to get. Some of my memories from my early childhood are of my Dad and uncle and grandfather shaking a mulberry tree in summer and my grandmother making the most wonderful mulberry pies, tarts, and jam. Yum! I hope to plant a mulberry tree on the new property we intend building on. With just over an acre, I really don’t care how big it gets!

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