AODC, Cairns: Day 3: 5 May 2006

5 05 2006

Last day of the conference today. I’m sitting in Cairns Airport writing this at 9:45pm, so my memory will have to suffice for the list of today’s sessions as the conference handbook is in the checked luggage.

  • Vendor promo of the Elkera XML software (Peter Meyer, Elkera)
  • Brief presentation on single sourcing (Matthew Armstrong, AuthorIT)
  • My presentation on Reviewing screen-based content – I received some wonderful comments from people afterwards, and on and off throughout the day, so I guess it went over well! One person told me she’d given me 6 out of a possible 5 on at least one aspect of my presentation.
  • XML Data Islands (Dave Gash)
  • CSS presentation (Dr Tom James)
  • Presentation on Wikis, Blogs, RSS, Podcasts and other cool stuff (Tony Self)
  • Case study about usability testing of PDF indexes versus full-text search (Carol Barnum)

There were a few sore heads this morning after last night’s Trivia Night… seems some people kicked on for a while afterwards.

After the last session, Tony thanked us all, then Gerry thanked Penny for a great job done in organising another successful conference; those who didn’t have immediate flights to catch adjourned to the adjacent bar for some farewell drinks. It was a great conference, with some terrific people in attendance.

Our flight back to Perth leaves at 10:30pm, getting in at the ungodly hour of 1:30am tomorrow. So it’s been a long day, and it will be another 6+ hours before we get in to our own bed. Our 5 weeks away is almost at an end… It’ll be hard going back to work…



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