Bathroom renos: Day 16

8 03 2023

Tuesday: Darn, Day 16 of bathroom renos didn’t start until a day later than expected. Why? The painter ran over on his previous job and threw the schedule out by another day. Monday was a public holiday here and with another extra day required early last week for the extra coat of waterproofing we wanted, we’re now past the 3-week time frame, and it will likely be 4+ weeks. Painting will take at least a day, possibly 2. Then the shower screen and the sliding doors have to get installed (none are here as yet—doors may not come until next week), and I think the painter has to come back to paint the doors too. And the carpet tradie has to refit the bedroom carpet that was pulled up to give clear access to the en suite bathroom. It’s so close…. And we’re getting sick of the broken sleep we get from the bed in the spare room—we’d just like to get our bedroom back at this point.

Wednesday: Update: Painter due here ‘before lunch’ today. Assuming that all goes well, shower screen due Friday. Doors that were due to come early next week now due to arrive tomorrow.

Wednesday further update: Painter now here; doors arriving today. And I found out from the project manager that 3 weeks = 21 work days, not calendar days, so we’re into Day 16 of the 21 working days.

End of day: The painter did a lot of prep work today—patching and priming surfaces ready for the full day tomorrow, which he expects it will take to complete the painting. But the big surprise when I popped my head in late this afternoon was the sliding doors—I had assumed they’d be the boring flat doors I remembered from my childhood, but no…. the project manager had ordered doors panelled and coloured the SAME as the other internal doors in the house! That was a lovely surprise.




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