Jet lag revisited

13 04 2018

After the long (36-hour) day on Wednesday with about 2 hours sleep, I slept like a log for just under 7 hours after getting to the hotel. I was up at 8:30 am yesterday (Thursday) and forced myself to stay awake to 10 pm to try to get my body clock sync’ed with the local time zone. I dropped off to sleep quickly and went straight into a deep sleep. Something woke me at 12:40 am — possibly the body needing to pee! — and I went back to bed hoping to fall asleep quickly.

Alas, it wasn’t to be. By 2 am I realised I wasn’t going to get back to sleep just lying there, so I picked up my book — reading fiction tends to lull me into sleep fairly quickly. Not so this time. By 6 am, I got up. For the second night in three nights, I’d had just over 2 hours sleep.

Today I have to get myself back to the airport, catch a shuttle to Monterey, check in for my residential quilting seminar, and start class at 4 pm. I wonder if I’ll be able to stay awake until this evening? Perhaps I might fall asleep on the bus ride to Monterey — that’d be good!

Update: I went to bed on Friday night around 9:45. I read for a bit, then I must’ve dropped off as my tablet fell on my face and woke me up around 10 pm, so I turned out the light and had about 7 hours of good solid sleep, waking at 4:15 am. Still a bit early for me, but not too much so. What will Saturday night bring…?



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