Shed: Before and after

12 07 2015

A week or so ago I bought some open and covered tubs from Bunnings, with the aim of sorting out the gardening stuff in the shed.


It wasn’t TOO bad — almost everything was in the one place, on an old bookshelf just inside the shed door. But the herbicides were mixed in with the insecticides, and the stuff I bought recently for my casual yard guy to use was all on the floor making it difficult for him to get on with his job.

 After a few hours, my garden area in the shed was all nicely sorted and all tubs were labelled. I even sorted out the sprinkler, hose, and irrigation fittings into tubs of like stuff, and then into ziplock bags of the same thing (e.g. separate labelled ziplocks for 360 degree MP Rotator heads and for 90 to 210 degree MP Rotator heads). This makes it easier for me (or anyone who works in my garden) to find what they need without scratching through a big tub of bits.

And I put my tub of PPE right near the door (personal insecticide, gardening footware, fly net, cap, gloves, safety glasses, etc.) ready for me to grab it and put it on when I next venture into the garden. (PPE = personal protective equipment)

Achievement unlocked!