Paintstiks class

29 10 2014

My first class at Houston was on using Shiva Paintstiks. These are basically oil paints in a crayon form. Our teacher taught us several techniques (rubbing,  stencilling,  direct drawing, shading, torn edge,  masking, etc.) We had lots of time to play and experiment.

My aim in taking classes at Houston is to try lots of things I’ve never tried before to see if they are techniques I’d like to include in my repertoire. Or to spend time perfecting some techniques I struggle with.

The Paintstiks class was one of the things I’d never tried before. It probably won’t be something I pursue,  but it was good to learn how to use them in case I have a need for the effect they create some time in the future.

Here are the play pieces I created using the various techniques we learned:









3 responses

29 10 2014

So lovely!!! You are one creative gal no matter what the medium!!!!!!!

29 10 2014
Mary Ed Williams

Great pieces! What a fun class.

30 10 2014
Donna Chambers

Love your pieces!

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