Packing Tim Tams

4 10 2014

Why yes, 22 packets of Tim Tams do take up nearly a quarter of my suitcase space! Fortunately, I’ll be giving them away during my trip, but I still have to get them into my luggage and get them to the US. For future reference, one large Ecosusi packing cube holds 22 full packs (16 arranged sideways, with another six laying flat across the top). But even in the packing cube, they still take up quite a bit of space.

On the bright side, that means more room for purchases I might make in the US as I’ll eventually free up that space 😉





Packing a lot into a little

4 10 2014

I lashed out and purchased a down vest for my upcoming visit to the US. As Australia is coming into summer, many stores have winter stock on sale, and I picked up this little beauty for $70 (was $170!). The store clerk said it would definitely fit into its little pouch, and so it did! Amazing.




Must get to know new neighbours

4 10 2014

The house being built across the road from us is nearly finished. When I was working this week, I spotted this from my home office window. Guess they’re getting a pool. Memo to self: Get to know new neighbours 😉