I am SOOOOOO unworthy

29 10 2014

I attended Winners Circle at the Houston International Quilt Festival last night. This is where the winners of each category are announced,  along with the major prize winners and Best of Show. After the presentations,  we could wander among the quilts.  They were all truly amazing works of art.

The winner was a 19th century snow scene, which was spectacular, but my favourite of all those beautiful pieces was the horses.

However, photos cannot do these quilts justice. They are just STUNNING. I think I’ll hang up my needle and thread right now…





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29 10 2014

Taken to the utmost level!!!! That’s why they got the awards they did!!! Such awards of excellence are always amazing regardless of what the creation is!!!! Equally amazing is anyone working to their God-given potential!!!! Hugs………………

29 10 2014
Mary Ed Williams

Trust me – I know the feeling. I always feel body-slammed when I come out of a quilt show, and Houston is the biggest of all! I leave wondering, “Why am I even bothering?”.

2 11 2014

Rhonda and Mary, I am pricked by your same thoughts and feelings almost every time I quilt something! I always say that I’m a “kindergarten” quilter, and that’s truly what I am “IF” I compare myself to the quilting artists that I saw here and in your Flickr account, Rhonda….absolutely breathtaking, marvelous works!

But…I am not inclined to work for months and try to make a masterpiece that can hang in my home or a museum or quilt show. I am making many quilts through the year that can freely and happily be given to the less fortunate, the sick, the grieving, the lonely, etc., who can wrap up in them and remember that someone cared enough.

That’s why I’m even bothering 🙂

Let’s keep quilting, ladies…it’s a gift we love, and a gift we give.

Judy in CA

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