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18 08 2014

I took my Sweet Sixteen to my dealer ( the other day to get the latest software upgrade. My dealer and the technician from the other side of the country were hard at work. They had machines coming in all week.

These pictures are just the machines they had ‘benched’ the previous day and that day ready to work on. More were due over the next five days… You can sorta see why she’s been Australian and International Dealer of the Year a couple of times!

And no, I haven’t had time to use my machine since the upgrade so I can’t comment on it yet.

Just for my own records… My previous C-pod (motherboard) had 6.2 million stitches on it, and the one before that had 8.5 million stitches, so I’ve done 14.7 million stitches on my machine so far. As the C-pod is totally replaced with this upgrade, my stitch count has reverted to zero. My dealer is awesome though, as she keeps these records too!






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18 08 2014

What upgrade(s) are you speaking of?? The low bobbin indicator??

18 08 2014
Mary Ed Williams

Wow! What a gorgeous shop! And is this an upgrade that a Tiara owner should know about? My machine is not quite a year old. Is there a low bobbin indicator? That would be heavenly!

19 08 2014

I’m curious also as to what upgrade? Neither HQ nor my dealer notified me of an available upgrade. Perhaps its a low impact upgrade? I’d love a low bobbin indicator too!!

19 08 2014

Yes, the upgrade has a low bobbin indicator, and a timer, and a basting stitch, etc. You can see more in these two videos: and

I have no idea if it’s available for the Tiara.

In Australia, it costs AU$250 to upgrade; I don’t know the US price.

And the shop you see — that’s just the training area at the back of the shop. The main shop is just gorgeous.

19 08 2014
Mary Ed Williams

I looked at it on their website and you’re right – it is gorgeous!

19 08 2014
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19 08 2014
Dawn C.

Congrats on your “new ” machine – on to 8 million more stitches. haha

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