Community Quilt 123

10 11 2013

This was an odd quilt. Not something I would have made, but I don’t get a choice in the quilts I get given to quilt 😉 And they aren’t for me anyway.

How to quilt it? I decided to start with the centre diamonds, and stitched a wavy matrix/cross-hatch in each. Then I did an open headband motif for the rest of the top, and some small clam shells in the border (using my Handi Quilter 2″ clam shell ruler).

I used the same light cream/yellow thread for all the stitching on the main top, with a variegated pink/red in the border.

(Click on a photo to view it larger)







Threads used

  • Top: Main top: Robison-Anton ‘Maize’ (40 wt, rayon, colour #2264); Border: Superior King Tut ‘Red Sea’ (cotton, 40 wt, colour #926)
  • Bottom: Bobbinfil (white)




2 responses

11 11 2013

Curved cross-hatching is such a great stitching motif when paired with your other choices! Magnificent texture!!!

14 11 2013
Dawn C.

Yeah, I agree. Cross-hatching came out really good & showcases the applique. You and quilt maker are very generous with time and resources!

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