Community Quilt 122

10 11 2013

For one of the first Community Quilts I ever quilted, I actually quilted the back, following the outlines of the flower pattern in the fabric (see And so for this one. The backing fabric was quite pretty and had some lovely big flowers on it, so I decided to turn it over, put the thread I would normally have had in the top into the bobbin, and put the thread for the back into the top.

By doing that, I was able to use a 12 wt cotton thread that I had — I’ve tried it through the needle and it’s flaky at best, so putting it in the bobbin was a great idea… except that this smallish quilt took about 6 bobbins as so little of the 12 wt thread could be wound on before filling the bobbin. No matter.

I outlined stitched the flowers on the back and the pattern that created came through onto the top. As the top’s fabrics were very busy, you can’t really see the quilting motif, but you can definitely feel the texture.

If this quilt looks similar to the others I’ve done recently, that’s ‘cos it is. I was given a batch of quilts that had used the same block designs and sizes, though all were done in different fabrics, thus creating different effects.

(Click on a photo to view it larger)


This is the back — I followed the outlines of the flowers with the King Tut thread:


And this is how it looks on the front, with the thick bobbin thread as the ‘top’ thread:


Threads used

  • Top: Superior King Tut ‘Red Sea’ (cotton, 40 wt, colour #926)
  • Bottom: Wonderfil Fruitti (Egyptian cotton, 12 wt, colour FT 12)




2 responses

11 11 2013

I have done that also! Quite fun for a change-up! Nice finish…………

14 11 2013
Dawn C.

Quilt came out good. Quilt looks comfey & huggable. I’ve been afraid to do bobbin work, but will have to give it a try. Thanks for showing us!

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