Community Quilt 127

30 11 2013

This was a big quilt, made mostly with batiks in purples, pinks, yellows, blues and greens.

After stitching in the ditch around all the large blocks and the border and the outer edge, I decide to counter the rectangular/square design by quilting it in a rounded motif. I used my favourite ‘open headband‘ motif, making the arcs much larger than usual to try to get this quilt stitched fairly quickly as I wanted to get it back to the Community Quilts coordinator on Monday. I extended the quilting design into the border.

I really liked how the King Tut variegated thread (in blues, greens, purples and yellows) matched the fabrics so well.

(Click on a photo to view it larger)







Threads used:

  • Top: Superior King Tut ‘Cairo’ (40 wt, cotton, colour #932)
  • Bottom: Bobbinfil (black)


Community Quilt 126

30 11 2013

I quite liked this quilt — even though the colours weren’t my preference, they went well together. Normally with a sharp geometric block design like this ( a disappearing nine-patch, if I’m not mistaken), I’d soften it by quilting a curved/rounded motif. But not this time — the quilt design and colours just begged to be stitched with a rectangular motif 😉

This is a continuous line motif I’ve used several times before. It’s pretty easy to do as there really are no rules. And no rulers either 😉

(Click on a photo to view it larger)


quilt126_02 Threads used:

  • Top: Fil-Tec Harmony ‘Tweed’ (40 wt, cotton, colour #14076)
  • Bottom: Bobbinfil (black)


Perth, late November

30 11 2013

We had to go to Perth a week or so ago to do some legal business. We parked on the edge of the city and caught the free buses into and out of the CBD (all TransPerth buses as well as the CAT buses are free within in the main city blocks — a brilliant strategy introduced by the State Government many years ago).

The bus we caught into the CBD was all decked out in Christmas paraphernalia, which brought a smile to everyone’s faces. The female bus driver had gone to a lot of trouble to decorate her bus. And she was really good with the passengers too, calling out to ‘The lady from the airport, your stop is the next one.’ to a tourist who had just arrived in our city. What a great introduction to Perth for that person.


Once we were in the city and had breakfast, we waited in the gardens at the Central Park building for our appointment time. It was a gorgeous day and the all the trees in Central Park were well laden with leaves and a surprising number of birds. Here’s the view from the park bench we sat on, with the soaring Central Park building dominating the sky.