Bali 2013: Classic sign!

19 09 2013

This sign was under one of the shaded areas by the pool at the resort. The first paragraph is the usual stuff, but at the second paragraph it starts getting interesting… Read to the end!

(click on the photo to view it in a larger size)


If you find it hard to read, here’s the text:

Pool Safety and Health Regulations

To avoid any accident caused by a broken glass, sunken bar beverage service will be provided by plastic Camro glass. And staff member may refuse to serve you is you disobey these safety regulations, this is for your safety and your holiday pleasure.

Urinating at pool will cause a skin disease. Urine, chlorine and other water chemicals will result in a chemical reaction which is very dangerous to the skin. The first one who gets this reaction is the one who stay closest to the chemical reaction, and then spread out, and you don’t want to be the one who creates this, do you??

And if we find you did urinate in the pool, we don’t hesitate to cut it off!!

Love it 😉





3 responses

20 09 2013

Wow! All this (and your other posts) slightly shatter my preconceptions of Bali!!!!

20 09 2013

What were they?

20 09 2013

That it hadn’t quite made it to the modern consumer/tourist level. I can’t say why I thought that! Your photos are of such gorgeous water/sky/sand and yummy restaurant fare!!

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