Community Quilt 106

1 09 2013

Ah! My first french braid quilt!

How to quilt it? Well, it needed to be stabilised first, so I stitched ESS… (every stinking seam!) in a beige/tan Rasant cotton. A few hours later, I was ready to look at what design I’d use. I was thinking straight line ‘modern’, but instead decided to try out a fleur-de-lis motif that I found the other day on the internet in the peach-coloured setting squares. I quite liked how they turned out and will likely use that motif again, perhaps in sashing or a narrow border.

I was still struggling with how to quilt the main top. But after taking a very close look at the fabric — which was mostly leaves and some flowers — I decided on an all-over, continuous line leaf motif, using a variegated thread in green, pink, yellow and very dark green (I think!).

(Click on a photo to view it larger)





Threads used:

  • Top: Fil-Tec Glide ‘Peach’ (40 wt, trilobal polyester; colour #50473); Superior King Tut ‘Old Giza’ (40 wt, variegated cotton, colour #941)
  • Bobbin: Bobbinfil (70wt, cotton, white)




5 responses

1 09 2013

Love the stitching! You chose well and executed it beautifully!!!

9 09 2013

It’s awesome quilting. Just a quick question, do you ESS with your SS16 or on your domestic with a walking foot? Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge!

9 09 2013

I ESS with my Sweet Sixteen. For the straight lines, I use my FAVOURITE ruler — the Line Tamer from Four Paws Quilting.

9 09 2013

Thanks for your quick reply! I can see the benefits of doing that, I.e. not turning the quilt and cutting down on the starts and stops, but for me (newbie SS16 owner) it’s more scary ;-). Still working through viewing your 100+ quilts, but I want to say I sure appreciate the effort you’ve put into posting all the pictures and write ups about them! You’re an inspiration!

10 09 2013

Thanks Kathy!

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