Thread storage update

25 12 2012

Santa bought me a large-spool thread stand, with holders for 120 spools! 😉 Well, I bought the stand for $20 (down from $100) at my local quilt shop’s Christmas sale earlier in the week and thanked my husband for the lovely present he’d bought me for Christmas!


It’s a heavy stand and while it opens out, I just don’t have the floor space for it to stand up by itself. Equally, I don’t want to hang it on the wall, so I’ve leant it against a bookcase in my sewing room — I can easily move it from there if I need to get to the photo albums behind.

And I’ve added all my 1000 m and 5000 m spools to it, but there are lots of gaps, so I guess I need to buy more thread ;-). All the Isacords and Fil-Tec spools fit fine as do the Wonderfil Deco-Bobs and Invisifils, but my existing Robinson-Anton and Floriani 1000 m spools don’t as they have a inner core that narrows and therefore doesn’t fit the spool holders. I’ve put those threads in a plastic thread tray.

My smaller spools are still on their stand (below) — they definitely won’t fit on this new stand. The old stand is an old spice rack made by my ex brother-in-law many decades ago — works perfectly for the smaller spools.






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25 12 2012

What a great gift from your hubby! 🙂

25 12 2012

So perfect and inspiring…..a rainbow of color! I am finding the same difficulty. I have my spools in a shallow large tote (at least keeps them dust free) but am really thinking of having DH making me a cabinet (with doors) that would be a similar idea (only larger) to your “spice rack”. Space is an ongoing issue and would still exist even if I had a room the size of a football stadium!!! LOL! Hugs, D

16 04 2013
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14 06 2014

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