More thread storage options

9 07 2013

Six months ago, I posted about my new 120-spool thread stand. Well, it’s pretty much full now…


For a few years, I’ve used another storage device for the spools that won’t fit on this wooden stand (the spool holder spindle is too thick for the holes in these threads):


But I can’t put the BIG thread spools (those 5000 and 10000 m spools) on or in any of these thread storage devices. And I’m buying more of these larger spools as they offer value for money (especially the Fil-Tec threads). What to do?

Well, in my previous career I was a teacher-librarian. We automated the library catalogue and circulation systems back in about 1990, and there were whole banks of catalogue drawers and stands that became redundant. I contacted the guy in charge of library furniture at the Ed Dept and he gave me permission to take one of the stands and the catalogue drawers on it as they had no use for them (most schools in our state automated their libraries between about 1991 and 1998).

So for years I’ve had these drawers. My husband used them to store his cassette tapes for several years, then when we moved south, I used them to store my fat quarters of fabric. When we moved to where we are now, I didn’t have a use for them, so put them in the shed.

And I was in the shed a few weeks ago when I spotted them and had a thought… maybe the big spools would fit in them? Off to the sewing room to grab a couple of brands of these spools — and they fitted PERFECTLY. Now, where to put the unit? With a bit of rearrangement of the 4th bedroom, the catalogue stand is now in there, housing my large spools. I’ve only filled up a few drawers so far, but there’s plenty of room for expansion šŸ˜‰

I think my thread stash is now overtaking my fabric stash…





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9 07 2013

Good to see the old drawers put to good use. Spent quite a lot of time with them in my day.

9 07 2013

Yup…..a gal after my own heart!!!!! LOl!

30 09 2013
Dawn C.

Nice storage unit. Really they are better off in a covered area. Mine all sit on a spool rack on wall (not near as much as your stash!) and they get a lot of dust on them.

14 06 2014
11 10 2015
Capturing memories | Rhonda Bracey: At Random

[…] TheĀ high school library where I was Head of Department was a pioneer in our state, becoming one of the first libraries to automate their catalogueĀ in/around 1989 — I think our system cost somewhere between $20,000 andĀ $40,000 all up, with the computers, backup tapes, barcodeĀ readers, barcodes for 25,000+ resources, dot matrix printer, and other costs (like a motorised sit/stand desk for the library clerks — $1600 in 1989!). We kept our catalogue cards and drawers for a couple of years (some kids really liked the familiarity of them), getting rid of them before I left that school in at the end of 1991. When I asked the Ed Dept furniture people about what to do with the catalogue drawers, I was told they didn’t want them back and I could dispose of them however I wanted. I still have a 3-layer bank of 6 drawers — my DH used it to store audio cassettes for many years, and I now use it to hold large 5000 m spools of thread. […]

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