Community Quilt 7

29 07 2012

I dropped off the first 6 quilts I quilted to the WAQA community quilts organiser on Friday — and she gave me some great news! I don’t have to bind the quilts too! Yay! That means just quilting them.

So I pin basted and quilted #7 today. It was difficult to quilt as the top was off centre and the blocks were wonky and puckering and not joined very well (some wonkiness could well have been a result of fabric choices — some fabrics were thin and flimsy, while others were quite sturdy). And there wasn’t quite enough batting to fit, so I had to join another strip of batting. The puckering blocks meant that I needed to use fairly dense quilting to ‘beat it into submission’. A close large stipple was an option, but instead I decided on an open headband motif.

I used a variegated blue/green/yellow King Tut thread (from Superior; 40 wt Egyptian cotton, colour 403) on the top and a navy Invisifil thread (Wonderfil; 100 wt, colour IF 608).

Some photos below:



4 responses

29 07 2012

Rhonda, this challenging quilt top has turned out wonderfully. Thank you for quilting so many community quilts, it is very much appreciated. The speed at which you work is mind boggling and the stitching is just beautiful! So talented.

29 07 2012
Phil Thomas

Rhonda, can I attach a link to your blog on the WAQA blog members list? Also can I use some of these Community quilt pics and text on the blog?
Phil Thomas,
WAQA Web Author

30 07 2012

Hi Phil

Have sent you an email re: this.


30 07 2012

That quilt turned out wonderfully…..despite the ‘wonky’ factor. You subdued it beautifully…hehe! Am so looking forward to my HQ 16 purchase later in Sept. You do beautiful quilting and a huge ‘thank you’ for your community contributions….Blessings and hugs, Doreen

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