7 05 2012

As we live close to the ocean and an big estuary, there are many birds that live where we live. I see all sorts of varieties on my walks in the neighbourhood. One of the bird species that lives in our area are pink and grey galahs — I spotted some the other day, and took this picture of them on my phone:

Here today, gone tomorrow

7 05 2012

Wow! Some fungi grow quickly!

This mushroom wasn’t in my garden two days ago. Then we got a heap of rain (49 mm) in one day and it appeared — and as large as life. Within hours it was as big as my shoe, and within another two days it was finished.

No, I didn’t pick it and eat it. I know very little about mushrooms and toadstools, so I wasn’t going to risk eating something that was possibly poisonous.

I was just amazed at its short life cycle.