Quilting Adventures Spring Seminar: Day 5: 8 March 2012

9 03 2012

Thursday 8 March 2012

Final full day of the quilting workshop — there’s only a half day tomorrow, then we all leave 😦

I did some painting late last night after the visit to The Quilt Haus, then again this morning. Painting light and shade on landscapes just ISN’T my thing and a hole slew of bad memories of high school art came flooding back…

I stopped painting fairly early on and decided to ‘paint’ with thread instead. That took most of the day (lunch was another healthy salad option with turkey and ham strips). At 4 pm we wandered around to view what everyone else in the other three classes had been doing the past week. There were some quite amazing creations.

After dinner (fettucine with chicken and meatballs, various sauces, soups, salads, and garlic bread), the other two instructors — Jan Krentz from California and Laura Wasilowski from Chicago — each did a retrospective of their work. Well, that was far from staid 😉 Both were hilarious! Laura had us in fits of laughter, especially with her photo of the ‘Tomb of the Unknown Sewer’ (a sewer hole cover!) and her Japanese geisha impression and songs (she has a great voice). Both their classes would have been loads of fun, and, having seen them ‘perform’ for only about 20 mins each, I’m surprised their students got as much done as they did.

I need to pack now as we have to check out early tomorrow morning, so I’ll upload my photos later.

Kim and her mom, Debbie, have run a phenomenal retreat. I’d love to do another one.

(Wow! It’s howling outside and the temperature has dropped a lot. It’s meant to be 51F tomorrow and raining… It’s been a delightful 75F — with some humidity the past couple of days — most of the week.)

Photos from the walk through of everyone’s work for the past week; remember, there were four different instructors, each teaching a different technique, so the pieces are very varied — the first 18 or so photos are from the class I was in (Lenore Crawford), including mine; the stars are from Jan Krentz’s class; the whimsical photo portraits are from Laura Wasilowski’s class; and the very abstract pieces are from Vikki Pignatelli’s class (click a small image to see it larger):




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