Quilting Adventures Spring Seminar: Day 3: 6 March 2012

7 03 2012

Tuesday 6 March 2012

Another busy day! And again, I was running on very little sleep. I’m not happy that I’m four days in to my trip and still have jet lag. I’m usually well and truly over it by now. It’s not that I’m tired during the day — I’m not; it’s just that I can’t get to sleep at night until well after 2 am and I’m barely getting 4 hours sleep, sometimes less, and often very broken sleep. I feel wrecked.

Today we continued working on our projects, so there’s not a lot to report except that we’ve all made a lot of progress from yesterday! This is a LONG SLOW process, and while the end result may be sensational, I probably won’t use it much as it takes WAY too much time. But it’s good to learn a new technique as it will always get incorporated into another art quilt at a later date.

Lunch was hamburger, char-grilled skinless chicken breast, salad, and hamburger buns (if you wanted to make your own burger — I passed on the bun and dessert, just sticking with the meat and salad). Dinner was oven-roasted stuffed pork loin with broccoli and some other sort of vegetable gratin thing that had corn in it, salad, and cheesecake.

After dinner, two of the instructors — Vikki Pignatelli and Lenore Crawford — did a ‘retrospective’ of their work, which was most interesting.

I decided not to work on my piece tonight (yes, quite a few of the ladies will sew well into the wee small hours), but instead get these blog posts and photos loaded, catch up on email, and have an early night in the HOPE that I can drop off to sleep as readily as I do at home 😉

Click on a small photo to see it larger. You can see my project’s progress from morning to the end of the day.



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19 10 2012

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