Tiny tomatoes

19 02 2012

I’ve now picked FOUR tomatoes from the EIGHT bushes I planted in spring last year (the saga of me growing these bloody tomatoes: https://sandgroper14.wordpress.com/2012/02/06/i-think-ill-buy-my-veges-thanks/). And they’ve been TINY. I picked three of the four today, and can see no more on the tomato plants, so I suspect that’s it. That was an awful lot of effort for basically nil return.

Here are the tomatoes I picked today to show you their size against blueberries and a store-bought tomato. I had all three for lunch, and they weren’t even particularly nice. Not as sweet as I’d hoped; in fact, they had a slightly tart taste.

Tiny tomatoes with blueberries for size comparison

Tiny tomatoes with normal tomato and blueberries for size comparison



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