New potatoes

24 07 2010

I went into the vege garden this morning to pull some winter weeds, and noticed that a few of the potato plants (which came up all by themselves!) had died off. My friend Bobbie — who knows about growing fruit and veges — had identified these plants for me a few months back, and had said that the potatoes would be ready to dig out when the tops died off.

So dig I did. And I found these lovely potatoes! The ones on the left are as picked; those on the right after a light wash in a bucket. I didn’t have to scrub them at all — the dirt just fell off them when I swished them in the bucket.

So that’s potatoes and two types of spinach (Swiss Chard and Rainbow Spinach) I’ve been getting from this small vege patch. There were a couple of tomatoes just after we moved in too. I haven’t planted a thing — they’ve just all come up by themselves, so I guess the previous owners had planted some veges there previously.

I must remember to throw some chilli seeds in there soon to see if they take. I go through a lot of chillis so growing my own makes a lot of sense.



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