US trip 2010: San Diego Zoo

19 03 2010

Yesterday, I went to the San Diego Zoo with my good friends Sue and Dave. It was a gorgeous day; fortunately, nowhere near as hot as the previous day, but I still got a little burnt on the back of my neck and tops of my shoulders.

Because we’ve all been to the zoo before (Sue’s even a friend of the zoo), there was no pressure to see it all. We started with the bus tour around the zoo, then after a bite to eat, we decided to go back to the Elephant Odyssey — a fairly new exhibit that looks much much nicer for the elephants than their previous enclosure.

After that we did the Skyfari (both ways), then the reptiles, then Sue and I got a caricature done of the both of us while Dave laughed and took pictures! 😉 The caricature was awesome — the young guy who did it is very talented. Sue will get a copy printed for me at Kinkos and give it to me at the conference when she arrives on Sunday.

By 4:30pm it was margaritas time! So we went to Baja Betty’s on University Ave, where we had a margarita each and a MASSIVE plate of nachos –we couldn’t eat all of them. All up, just under $24 for the 3 of us, including tax and the margaritas! Pretty good deal for a meal for 3 and and 3 alcoholic drinks!!

Pictures from the zoo — and that massive plate of nachos — to come (I’m writing this from Sue’s computer so haven’t uploaded my pictures yet)…

Update: I forgot! The best quarter (25c) we spent all day at the zoo was on the Footsie Wootsies! These are super industrial strength foot massage ‘chairs’ that you have to use with your shoes on. They were amazing and our feet felt SO good after!! Great for a day walking around the zoo.



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21 03 2010

I’m almost wishing we were going to have more time in SoCal and would get to the Zoo (and see Sue!). Oh well, another trip that isn’t two weeks before a major release! 😉

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